Carrier Ethernet access: Actelis

The QuFAST SHDSL and VDSL2 solutions (Actelis Networks ML) allow us to offer a carrier Ethernet access system that can create point-to-point connections all the way to star and ring topologies. Due to the extensive range, some devices are also encountered in industrial Ethernet and the security sector. The platform stands apart across all devices for its SHDSL performance, diverse L2+ features, graphic node management system (MetaASSIST View [MAV]) all the way to the convenient element management system (MetaASSIST EMS) – scalable from single transmission paths up to several thousand network elements and optional SNMP support of third-party devices.
QuFast / MetaLIGHT product family
  • Full SHDSL system family – from the modular, chassis-based node to desktop units and top hat rail devices
  • The whole system family is operated in the same way (with a graphical user interface)
  • SHDSL repeater (with remote feed) to cover >50 km.
  • SHDSL solutions with up to 32 wire pairs (can be bundled – 15 Mbit/s per DA)
  • VDSL2 solutions with desktop units for point-to-point connection can be bundled with up to 8 wire pairs, up to 500 Mbit/s downstream/250 Mbit/s upstream
  • MACsec encryption over SHDSL and/or optical fibre (also possible over L2 networks)
  • Extensive L2+ Ethernet features/QoS, QinQ, Ethernet OAM (ITU-T Y1564, Y.1731) etc.
  • Greater temperature range/industrial Ethernet
Optional: management system
QuFast SHDSL application (698ES and 6916ES hybrid ring)