Dedicated networks: DNWP Connection Master

Finland-based Dedicated Network Partners (DNWP) develops and produces devices and systems technology for connecting operators of critical infrastructure.
DNWP devices offer real multi-service capabilities with a broad range of voice and data interfaces, as well as diverse connection scenarios.
As utilities’ dedicated networks often last between 15 to 20 years and more, it’s vital that the manufacturer can guarantee the ability to supply products in the future and support for network components.
Due to its hybrid node design, the Connection Master offers full support for both TDM-based and packet-driven services in one single system family and is predestined for multi-service voice and data applications.
16 Slot Connect Master chassis
6 Slot connect master chassis
SDH/TDM-based key features:
  • STM-1/4/16 SDH trunk
  • For multi-service voice and data applications
  • Data interfaces: E1, V.24, V.11, X.21, G703/64k, C37.94
  • Voice interfaces: E&M, FXS, FXO
  • Total non-blocking capacity of the Cross Connector up to 128 x 2 Mbit/s at 64k bit level
  • Teleprotection compliant with IEEE 37.94
  • Enhanced for highly time-critical applications with low latency
  • Redundant expansion option for the control and power supply units
  • Ethernet and TDM in the first mile compliant with IEEE 802.3
  • 6 and 16 slot housing versions
  • Increased MTBF of over 50 years
  • Protects the investment of Dynanet- und FMX2-infrastructure already installed/h5>
  • User-friendly graphical user interface
  • Network management system with alarm, configuration and E2E management
  • TDM cross-connect matrix from the SDH level to single TDM channels
  • Next-generation system and full compatibility with Nokia Dynanet and Siemens FMX2 product families (supports Nokia Dynanet and Siemens FMX voice and data interfaces)<
Packet-based (MPLS) key features:
  • STM-1/4/16 SDH trunk
  • 1GE/10GE IP Packet trunk
  • Carrier Ethernet 2.0
  • TDM over Packet
  • MPLS-TP: 1GE/2.5GE/10GE
  • SyncE and IEEE 1588v2
  • Advanced encryption
  • Full number of subrate interfaces
  • Network management system including MPLS-TP service provisioning