Network management

Network management systems (NMSs) are important for managing the network and enhancing reliability, security and performance. They also enable visualisation of the network, allow errors to be detected and put right more quickly, save a huge amount of time and make informative analyses possible.

Network management systems


Managing network infrastructure that has different digital communications and data transmission technologies and, what’s more, is made by different manufacturers, is very complex.

Ribbon/ECI: LightSOFT Management

Ribbon/ECI’S LightSOFT network management system is an integral part of its Elastic Services Platform and easy to learn and use.

Ribbon/ECI: LightINSIGHT

LightINSIGHT network management software offers in-depth network analysis management of Ribbon/ECI transmission technologies.

Adtran Networks: Ensemble Network Controller

The Ensemble Network Controller network management system is part of Adtran’s WDM/OTN FSP3000 platform and FSP150, OSA and ALM systems.