Ribbon: LightINSIGHT

LightINSIGHT network management software offers in-depth network analysis management of Ribbon transmission technologies. LightINSIGHT complements LightSOFT network management by offering advanced network management functions to help plan networks and make decisions.
LightINSIGHT supports the Apollo, NPT, XDM and BG network system families with network data exports and automated, intelligent analysis of the following network information:

Physical inventory
  • Inventory data of all network components
Logical inventory
  • Connectivity information on the interconnected
    • tunnels
    • Ethernet services
    • Optical links
    • Optical channels
    • OTN connections
    • SDH trails
  • Information on the structure of the SDH signals
  • Information on the resources available
Network performance
  • Network traffic over time
  • Compliance with SLAs
  • Notification function when predefined thresholds are reached
LightINSIGHT is operated via a web-based user interface. The customisable dashboard provides a number of pre-defined reports as a standard.
Furthermore, LightINSIGHT allows users to create customised reports easily. Reports can be drawn up in standard file formats and provided for further processing by or interaction with other network management systems and IT systems. The reports can be forwarded by e-mail.
In organisations with critical infrastructure, LightINSIGHT can be used to monitor compliance with the Federal Office for Information Security’s 27001 specifications. In the carrier environment, implementations are planned for SLA verifications and network analyses (EIR assessments). ? As LightINSIGHT is an open platform, further customised changes are possible. LightINSIGHT is an ideal solution for intelligent reports on pending security/quality verification problems and cutting OPEX costs of time-consuming tasks.