Ribbon: LightSOFT management

LightSOFT offers extensive service provisioning, configuration, maintenance, fault management and performance monitoring functions for the Apollo, NPT, XDM and BG system families. Other manufacturers’ devices can also be integrated into the management platform.
LightSOFT management
The network management system offers full FCAPS functions via an intuitive point-and-click user interface for the following functionalities:
  • Graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Fault management
  • Element and configuration management
  • Unified, multi-layer end-to-end network management
  • Topology management
  • Inventory and accounting
  • OAM mechanisms<
  • Tunnel and service configuration
  • Performance management
  • Network utilisation analysis
The user interface allows the network to be displayed in several layers to provide you with an overview of the whole network:
  • A physical level including nodes
  • Levels for Ethernet layer 2, MPLS and layer 3
  • Levels for SDH/SONET rings and subnetworks
  • Levels for optical networks and data connections in WDM and OTNs
The LightSOFT network management can be operated on Oracle Solaris and on a RedHat Linux server (also virtualised). Geographically redundant configurations are also supported to boost security. A powerful northbound interface forwards alarms.
LightSOFT management system