CIC: SGRwin multi-vendor and multi-technology network management

SGRwin is an FCAPS-based solution, which as a umbrella network management system, allows easy planning of several digital communications and data transmission technologies in just one network management system. The platform offers extensive functions, both for devices and SDH/TDM system technologies, particularly legacy devices, but also packet-based Ethernet/MPLS networks.
SGRwin multi-technology network management
  • Graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Fault management
  • Element and configuration management
  • Unified, multi-layer, end-to-end network management
  • Network topology management
  • Inventory and accounting
  • OAM mechanisms
  • Tunnel and service configuration
  • Performance management
  • Network utilisation analyses
  • Windows support
SGRwin is an outstandingly impressive network management solution for monitoring, managing, configuring, and operating Connection Master and Dynanet networks all the way to end-to-end creation of circuits. The user-friendly E2E function for Connection Master systems enables the creation, organisation and documentation of SDH/PDH/MPLS/IT circuits and services in a multi-vendor telecommunications network.
The end-to-end network management functionality is an additional feature that allows automatic creation of point-to-point connections at time divison level (64kBit/s). SGRwin also, of course, supports Dynanet’s next generation of system technology, Connection Master, and many third-party system technologies from other leading manufacturers.