Optical line monitoring: Adtran

Fibre monitoring solution for efficient operation of optical fibre networks
Optical fibres are a huge asset. They transmit huge quantities of data and generate enormous revenue. Faults in the optical fibre network require immediate action, but it’s often hard to spot where faults have occurred. The ALM fibre monitoring system solves this problem with an efficiency that’s unrivalled.
Adtran Advanced link monitoring (ALM) structure
Makes operation easier and creates added value for your optical fibre networks:
  • Improves dark fibre services via real-time monitoring and shorter repair cycles
  • Passive demarcation to minimise customer’s running costs on site
  • Proactive fibre monitoring with the help of the sales force instead of a problem analysis after an outage
  • Non-intrusive optical fibre monitoring to ensure reliable service provision, service modifications and upgrades without the need for on-site visits
  • Remote access to passive fibre sensors for monitoring sites without a power supply
Adtran Advanced link monitoring (ALM)
Adtran Advanced link monitoring specifications