Layer 1: encryption on the optical Layer

Encrypting data on transmission paths effectively protects sensitive data from being read in the wide-area network. However, the question is which protocol layer should be encrypted.
Encryption levels
Encryption takes place at the optical fibre level (layer 1) and includes the whole wavelength, or the whole fibre. No overhead is created, there’s no data throughput loss and only a slight increase in transit time. Key exchange is carried out in the OTN overhead. Layer 1 encryption is ideal for all transmission paths with high data rates, such as those required to link data centres.
  • Encryption of the whole optical fibre or wavelengths
  • Encryption of the payload and all headers<
  • No extra requirements for bandwidth
  • Minimal impact on runtime

Adtran: ConnectGuard

ADVA: Connect Guard
Encryption on the optical layer 1
  • Encryption at the lowest costs per bit/h5>
  • Transmission of a variety of protocols at wire speed
  • Data traffic is only slightly delayed/h5>
  • Strong authentication and dynamic key exchange
  • Key management in the customer’s hands

Ribbon/ECI: Apollo

Ribbon/ECI: Apollo
Encryption of the OTN layer
  • 100% throughput
  • Little delay
  • Including encryption of the traffic type
  • Network management for key distribution
  • 10G/200G encrypted transponder