Carrier Ethernet transport: Edgecore Networks

The layer 2 and layer 3 products from Edgecore Networks allow us to provide affordable switching/routing solutions, ranging from access to transport with interfaces of up to 400 GE. Where interfaces of >10 GE are required, disaggregation solutions (also called whitebox or bare metal solutions) are becoming more and more interesting. For disaggregated solutions, hardware with the required interfaces is combined with software (NOS firmware), which supports the functionality sought. As a result, typical usage areas such as data centres or carrier environments can be subdivided and therefore enhanced. For example, there are already several solutions for cell site routers to connect 5G base stations. As a systems integrator, we help our customers select suitable combinations and with subsequent integration.
  • Powerful L2 and L3 solutions
  • Superior switching/routing performance
  • Integrated and disaggregation solutions
  • Scaling via cluster formation
  • Support for 1GE, 10GE, 25GE, 100GE, 400GE
  • Extensive feature sets, including MPLS and segment routing through disaggregation
  • Based on high-quality hardware from Edgecore Networks