Optical transport: Ribbon Apollo and Artemis product family

Special features:
  • Artemis: passive WDM Mux/Demux systems (1/2/4 HUs)
  • Apollo OPT96xx: optical transport units (03/08/24 – 2/5/15 HUs)
  • Apollo OPT99xx: optical transport/switching units (04X/14/32 – 5/22/44 HUs)
  • Flexible OTN switching concept (200G… 16Tbit/s fabric)
  • Metro 100G transport via ER10/ZR10 interface
  • Layer 2/MPLS-TP switching on a WDM muxponder
  • Interoperability with all ECI packet systems: XDM, BG and XDM
  • High-class network management system: LightSOFT
  • Layer 1 Encryption as a Service (EaaS) with an AES-GCM256 shift cipher