IN: Telsis ocean services platform (OSP)

The ocean services platform makes providing extra, new services easy. These services can help enhance internal processes, such as: routing services to cut connection charges, in particular…
  • Leased cost routing
  • Local number portability
  • Enhancing and centralising routing logic across a heterogeneous switching infrastructure
  • Real-time, anti-fraud protection when calls are being set up via the voice SafeGuard application
…but also services that complement a portfolio, such as:
  • easy-to-use voice conference service via the Link Call application
  • Dynamic blacklist/whitelist functions to ward off unwanted subscribers
  • Putting authorised subscribers through directly via the parental control application
  • Providing service numbers in combination with a self-care portal to configure inbound call flows with the ocean service manager application
  • Professional call centre solutions
The OSP’s strength lies in its ability to provide existing services and generate customised ones. Carriers can do this quickly and easily via a graphic environment, the OSP map studio.
Ocean services platform (OSP)