VoIP monitoring: consistec caplon©

consistec caplon© – anti-fraud management based on a VoIP monitoring system
Offers an overview of all VoIP communications:
  • Customisable dashboards
    • All relevant parameters at a glance
    • Extensive filtering options globally per dashboard and locally per widget
  • Wide-ranging and specific statistics
    • Various statistics and analyses calculated for traffic overall and for single nodes and trunks/h5>
  • Drill-down analyses
    • Drill-down analyses make finding errors efficient: from irregularities in graphs to the associated calls all the way to network data
  • Offers a more in-depth analysis, in particular:
    • Call statistics and call analyses
    • Call quality and deterioration in quality
    • Overview of the registration status
    • Proactive warnings about problems in the VoIP infrastructure
    • Flexible reporting options
    • Fast and system-driven processing of support cases